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2021 Wedding Trends


After 2020 put so many weddings on hold, this year we’re anticipating the nuptials to look and feel a lot different. Sure the backdrop of a pandemic has majorly impacted each one of us; it has also provided the couples and their families with the opportunity to embrace what matters the most: celebrating a union with loved ones. This change is making way for a new wave.

As people and the industry learn to adapt to the new normal and rework their plans, here are a few wedding trends we look forward to in 2021.

Relaxed and Informal Gatherings

The health crisis has shifted priorities. Couples are focusing more on intimate, relaxed, and informal celebrations. This will get you over the mental and physical hurdle of being in massive groups. Plus, when the guest list is small, you’ll have a better opportunity to mingle with everyone present at the occasion. Let there be quality over quantity.

‘I Do,’ Right Now!

One of the newest trends on fire in 2021 is ‘wed now, party later.’ The current situation has granted us the opportunity to rip up the rules and start again. The couple gets to hold a secluded, laid back ceremony first and save the major festivities such as a reception-like party, for later. Besides, you can stick to some cut and dry rules like inviting parents and siblings only while saving the plus-ones, kids, and everyone else for the extended celebrations.

Extended Celebrations

Families and couples feel they blinked and missed the party, and they hardly get to enjoy any festivities. Same day celebrations seem to fly by like a whirlwind of chiffon and champagne. The hopeful solution is to extend the soirees and transform them into a mini-vacation.

Extended celebrations indicate more time, more gatherings, and more chances to interact with one another. This trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere in 2021 as it successfully makes up for those intimate get-togethers. You can plan it over the weekend and get your group going anywhere in Central Pennsylvania, including some hotspots like Gettysburg, Harrisburg, Hershey, Lancaster, and York.

The Decor

DIY décor and green and white floral ideas seem to be having a major moment in 2021 wedding trends. Plus, with fewer people attending the wedding, you can opt for a casual, sophisticated, and relaxed vibe for wedding adornment. Ferns, garlands, and succulents can be incorporated in just any style, be it modern or rustic.

The Dress

The two knockout looks trend seems to be catching up even in 2021. Rich tones, pastels, and pop of colors would make it fun and fantastic to experiment with the attires. Besides, people are also looking for styles they can re-wear beyond the big day and opt for sustainability. Short, not so plain, and playful wedding dresses are making way for the ceremonies.

Going Sustainable

We might also see more unique wedding trends in 2021, like shifting towards more sustainable preferences from the beginning until the end of wedding merriments. Couples are doing away with over the top wedding norms this year, to start with. Sustainable attire is another one to look forward to. Heirloom jewelry, DIY décor, going plastic-free, and locally sourced produce, are a few more eco-friendly ways of becoming greener and cutting unnecessary waste.

Concept Lighting

Unconventional, mood lighting options are way more functional and incredible to decorate and glisten the wedding venue. Create a classic, modern, or bohemian look, and have fun with it. It’s going to be an excellent wedding trend in 2021. You can indeed partner with a wedding planner to understand the range of options you have.


Earth-friendly soirees, natural décor, and mini guest lists – we’re looking forward to the future, which seems hopeful and bright. Start planning your wedding with us – contact the Central Pennsylvania Wedding team for more inspiration and guidance. Reach our coordinators here.

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